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About Our Center

Lincoln Community Acupuncture is based right out of Lincoln, Nebraska and has been practicing for years. We take our practice very seriously and offer the latest acupuncture techniques availabe in Nebraska. Combined with offering professional services at affordable rates, being locally owned & operated, and decades of experience we know that you're in good hands.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Decades of Experience

Thousands of hours of training and actual practice makes them feel like they are in good hands.

Affordable Pricing

Low cost initial consultations keep clients in the loop while not breaking the bank.

All Natural Remedies

Chinese herbalism is one of the oldest, safest, and most effective systems of herbalism. 

Social life

How to solve this eternal problem - Chinese Remedy

The calm before the storm and how to deal with it

It will be your personal decision for a great result

Western Medicine & Acupuncture

Western medicine uses drugs and surgery to force change on the body. This can be a good thing in emergencies, but it can also result in side effects that are strong and undesirable. Many people have had too much of this and are looking for natural therapies.


Feel Better
  • Acupuncture sends signals to the body which guide it to heal itself. Acupuncture brings the body to a state of balance. Therefore any side effects are generally positive changes in unexpected areas, meaning things that weren’t specifically targeted with the acupuncture treatment “work better.” In fact, even if you are completely healthy, acupuncture can make you feel better.


  • Herbal medicines work more along the lines of food than drugs. The body absorbs what it needs from them, but is able to get rid of all the other things. 80% of the worlds uses plants as medicine to some extent. Chinese herbalism is one of the oldest, most extensively useful, safest and most effective systems of herbalism in the world.

"As a healthcare professional, I have devoted myself to providing high quality, affordable and effective healthcare to the people of Lincoln and the surrounding areas, using a system of medicine that I'm really passionate about. I want to help you get better and stay better. I do that by providing acupuncture and herbal medicine at a price most people can afford."

- Troy Heinrichs L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MAcTcm


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